MIT Technology Reivew – Smart Cities Could Be Crippled by Dumb Security


Dallas, TXOn April 7, residents of Dallas, Texas struggled to get sleep as 156 of the city’s hurricane warning system sirens sounded all in one shot and it didn’t stop at that….triggering another 15 times. Prior to this incident, I wrote a Smart City security Q/A op-ed for IT Pro Portal on what would keep a city leader up at night and this was certainly one of them as the New York Times reported the hurricane emergency warning system was hacked!  Connected living and Smart Cities are here and security concerns are building up faster than we can find solutions. As the MIT Technology Review outlines, “Researchers have been finding vulnerabilities in connected city hardware, from traffic signals to smart meters, for several years now. The concern is that as such infrastructure proliferates, with devices increasingly connected by the Internet of things, hackers will identify more flaws and and use them to plunge whole cities into chaos.”

Do you think you live in a connected or Smart City? Worried about your connected living security? Read more of my comments as I weigh in with Jamie Condliffe and the MIT Technology Review.

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